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Jake Thackray 1938-2002

Jake Thackray: November Celebration

Saturday, November 08 2003 Duration: 4:00
The Jake Thackray on-line community sung Jake's songs and generally celebrated the life of the great man in Woolwich on 8 November. With 12-13 singers and up to 40-odd songs. Unforgettable night for lovers of the man.

After a Friday night informal get-together, the Fest started in the afternoon with a meeting, to chat and to listen to some Jake recordings.

With the kind and efficient help of Terry Grant, who we'd met in June at The Crespières Générations Brassens Festival, PASSAGE was there.

It's clear that no Jake lover is indifferent to Georges Brassens.

We found there a very active and well organized group, eager to know more of Georges and adapt him in English.

An excellent show (though second guitars and double-bass would have brought a plus). A very reactive audience. Among these talentuous performers, 3 sung adaptations of Georges.

There is a breeding-ground for future events. This group is full of singers and adapters, delivering very high level English lyrics, like Sarah Willans (author of In the clear mountain stream, splendid adaptation of Dans l'eau de la claire fontaine). Jake is difficult to French ears, as his language is so rich and subtle, far beyond from English as learnt at school. Besides, as we can hear on extracts, his musical approach is puzzling. But this friend of Georges and his followers should join all those working to make Georges better known outside France. Our job is to make room to them.

Good news : this group is now in contact with Colin Evans, a man we can trust to preach Brassens better than anybody else on his side of the Channel.


The Tramshed
51-53 Woolwich New Road
London SE18 6ES

Contact Information:
Terry Grant
020 8298 1105; 0780 1265713
34 Albury Avenue

Ian Burdon sings Georges Brassens Ian Burdon sung his own adaptations of
La guerre de 14-18
The 14-18 War  

Then his own adaptation of
La mauvaise réputation
The Scapegoat  

Though Ian sung those for the first time, they really pleased  the audience.

Paul Thomson sung the famous
Brother Gorilla
Jake's unforgettable adaptation of Le gorille
introducing a personal joke by adding
'Who's in the audience' (she was)
'But my mother ...'.

A remarkable interpretation, both personal and true to Jake... and Georges.

Keith Chappell and Frankie Jordan Keith Chappell and Frankie Jordan
made a talented duet of
Over to Isobel  
Jake's superb adaptation of
J'irai rejoindre ma belle